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    La Luna De Miel Dia 4: Flora Farms & Pool Day

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    After all the hustle and bustle from the last couple days Ciera and Myself were in much need of a relaxing pool day. We slept in till about 10am and made our way into town for a couple necessities. One of which was a bottle of tequila! (more…)

  • Got some of the most expensive beers the whole trip at lovers beach.

    Honeymoon Day 2: Cabo Walk

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    On day two of our Honeymoon we decided to get the lay of the land by going on a foot excursion. We noted our timeshare was equipped with a full kitchen so we made a quick stop in town for groceries. (more…)

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    Guest list highs and lows

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    After the excitement of the proposal and the anticipation of starting this journey, the first task was setting a date. ¬†How do you possibly come up with a day? (more…)

  • Ciera, moments after she said, "Yes!".

    The Propsal

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    Up till this point, Ciera and I have been dating for nearly 6 years, the question and profess my to love to Ciera and the rest of the world. I already know she was starting to go crazy because I had waited so long to ask her. (more…)