The Propsal

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Up till this point, Ciera and I have been dating for nearly 6 years, the question and profess my to love to Ciera and the rest of the world. I already know she was starting to go crazy because I had waited so long to ask her.

Down on one knee on the dock.

The proposal idea had already been in the works when we had ben gifted a 2-day vacation from my parents and together, Ciera and I decided that San Francisco would be a great get away weekend trip for the two of us. This was great for me because I had been actively looking for a place to propose to Ciera. I decided that the City would the location and one of the best kept secrets from Ciera was under way.

Still in Shock

Still in Shock

the Dock

Sailing in the bay.

Ciera driving the sail boat.

Hey , she’s not the captain!

sailboat going under the bridge.

The Bay Bridge.




Ciera, moments after she said, "Yes!".

Ciera, moments after she said, “Yes!”.

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