The Wedding

The Phillips’ Wedding details are as follows.

love-birdsKissing Love Birds

The Ceremony

June 25, 2016
Start Time

The Reception

June 25, 2016
Cocktail Hour
5:30pm – 6:30pm
6:30pm – 7:30pm
Dancing & Fun
7:30pm – Till the Party Ends!

The Wedding Party


Aubrie Smallwood

Maid of Honor (sister)

Being the older sister of the bride, Aubrie has seen it all. Swimming being her first love, she will battle sharks around Alcatraz and schools of squid to make it from Catalina.  To hide her gills she will usually wear scarfs of all shapes and colors. At times, you’ll see her at peace in the woods. C.N.T is an acronym that shows us the outrageous adventures and exemplifies the personality that will most definitely put the biggest smile on anyone’s face.

Robin Smallwoodjames-ciera-sf-2015-4

Robin Smallwood

Bridesmaid (sister)

Robin, the baby sister of the bride, truly loves her God. When she isn’t spreading the good word, you’ll find her crushing the waves either in the pool or at the beach. Sometimes she’ll cross train and hit the mountains and National Parks for some hiking and reconnecting with nature.  Attending CBU she is concurring the Math and Science Departments, with a Starbucks in hand. But don’t let this shy girl fool you, she is a Smallwood after all.

Misty Vumistyfunny

Misty Vu


Misty likes Starbucks. She also likes to read, while at Starbucks. Sometimes she checks out men, while reading, while at Starbucks. But with that busy schedule she still finds time to spend with her family and go shopping. Go Pack Go! Is often something you’ll hear on any given Sunday, especially if it’s her birthday and she takes a last minute trip to Wisconsin. This fly by your seat outspoken athlete is definitely someone you want on your team. The “ride or die” phrase was coined the day she was born. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ashley Gonzalezjames-ciera-sf-2015

Ashley Gonzales


Sprinkles on donuts and whiskers on puppies. Bright copper forceps and warm Chanel mittens. Brown shopping bags all tied up with string. These are a few of Ashley’s favorite things. While she’s not being subjected to the bride and groom’s taste in vacation music, she’s busy slicing away in Stanford to cure neurological shortcomings. If you ask her, her favorite double membrane is definitely the Mitochondria variety. So let this science driven fashionista blown your mind with knowledge and laughter WARNING: After said mind blowing she may pick up the pieces and study them.

james-ciera-sf-2015Ashley DeJonkheere

Ashley Dejonckheere


Our little “Shlee Bee” might be the closest to being a mermaid as all of us wish to be. So with her trusty go pro she explores caverns below while dancing with waves. She loves being outdoors. She will hike any trail, frozen, muddy, or dangerous; as long as the journey is full of possibilities she will find her destination on top. With her artistic eye she is dressed so cute! Seriously, she is cute. Also sarcastic. So grab a beer with this little bee and decide if the notes in it are hoppy or happy. Cheers mate.

Shannon Kearnsjames-ciera-sf-2015-3

Shannon Kearns


Being one of the brides oldest friends, Shannon has been there through thick and thin. If you talk of food and tv, Shannon will often reference Anthony Bourdain. With her lifetime goal of taking his job, she’s regularly found saving the lives of others. Ben & Jerry have been frequent in her life since she loves ice cream. Having traveled around Europe, Shannon’s love of exploration and all things vintage were developed during those magical trips. When she’s not planning a trip overseas she love to D.I.Y. Enjoy a cold Moscow Mule with Shannon and marvel at the fact that after 2 she  will start rapping like a true G.

Monica Reynoldsjames-ciera-sf-2015-5

Monica Reynolds


Monica and the bride also go way back. From All-Star soccer to high desert adventures. Monsoon Monica Has traveled the world cultivating languages and experiences. From coffee shops to whiskey speakeasy’s, Big Sur to The Growlers, She loves it all. With a big heart and an infectious laugh this hula hooping educator can brighten anyones day. She also loves a smooth wink 😉

Boo Boy aka Numb ChucksRobby goes fishing

Robby Phillips

Best Man (Brother)

He’s all about Real Estate, Golfing, Summer Fun, Snowboarding and the Gym. He’s like a reverse mullet. Party in the front and business in the back. My brother and life-long friend. @booboy89


Jimmy Torrez

Man of Work

This guy has a passion for Working, Spicy Food, the Beach, and Optical. Did I mention Working? Jimmy’s always down for whatever! Ridding bikes 20 miles to Venice beach to hang out and have a beer then 20 miles back! You can count him in. @marctorrez


Julio Ortega Lopez

Life of the Party

Gotta love this guy! He’s focused on God, Family, School, and Work. From the fraternity to the gym Julio’s a well rounded dude who councils and inspires young minds to reach success. Sorry ladies this one’s spoken for. @jc__ortega


Moses Valenzuela

Money Matters

Accountants don’t just love numbers, they can have fun too! Adventures to Iceland, Scuba Diving, and Paintball don’t scare this guy! Moses is another one of my fraternity brothers who’s down for whatever. @mosesvzla


Kevin Smallwood

Dude, wheres my car?

Surf’s up bro! Spend a day hanging loose, then jam sessions on the guitar, and just enough time to make it to class. Life’s good for Kevin over in Ventura. @kevinsmallwood

greg-strand-mountain-topGreg Strand

Greg Strand

On that Hype

Greg and I go way back. From hiking in the scouts to high school bus stops, we’ve got some good memories as you could imagine. Now, Greg’s part of San Francisco’s 2.0 movement working in the digital marketing industry. @gregstrand

Robert in a sick suitRobert and wife popping bottles

Robert Kenneth Willian Grey

Internationally Known

This guy is a true balanced man. You’ll find him playing ultimate frisbee when he’s not at work practicing marketing. He’s got a great knack for connecting with business professionals and believe it or not, Robert lived in South Korea, China, and now Thailand. @rkwgrey

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