Honeymoon Day 2: Cabo Walk

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On day two of our Honeymoon we decided to get the lay of the land by going on a foot excursion. We noted our timeshare was equipped with a full kitchen so we made a quick stop in town for groceries.

El Archo. The Arch.

Made it the Arch on the first day exploring the area!

The first part of the morning we took the car to town and picked up a coffee and used their free WIFI to get in touch with the world. Then we visited a local grocery store where we were able to get stuff to make breakfast and lunch for a few days and a case of water that added up to under $25 USD.

Playa Grande view from the  front door of our room.

Playa Grande view from the front door of our room.

Once we got back to the hotel (Playa Grande), We started from the beach front of our hotel and walked south towards the Arch, a famous landmark, and the dock were we would be able to access the main part of the town in Cabo San Lucas.




After walking through the beach sand about a mile, we hit a dead end and were starting to take photos when a couple came climbing from over the rocks and said “the answer is yes” in that we could make it to the other side by climbing. So, we can you guess what we did? Yup, we climbed over these rocks and made it to a private beach.




House on stilts. crazy.

House on stilts. crazy.





Made it over the rocks and through the private beach.

Made it over the rocks and through the private beach.

Got some of the most expensive beers the whole trip at lovers beach.

Got some of the most expensive beers the whole trip at lovers beach.

We started to continue to walk in the same direction until we made it to “Lover’s Beach” and were offered beers at $5 USD. That is pretty pricey for Mexico, but since we had hiked pretty far and forgot to bring water we though it was worth it. The beer cooled us down and then we were thinking we would head back to the hotel seeing that we had hit another dead end.

Then we were approached by two locals who work with the glass bottom boat tours who said they could give us a ride from the beach to see the Arch since you can only see it from the water in a boat. He also offered to take us to the main dock which was our final destination of the day. After haggling on price we agreed to take them up on their offer. We got our first photo next to the Arch and made it to the dock.



El Archo. The Arch.

Made it the Arch on the first day exploring the area!






From their we explored the town and found a nice place for lunch. We ended up eating a bunch of guacamole and chips and got full on beer. We realized this lunch spot also owned the ECO-Cat, a catamaran 100′ by 50′ and does daily tours with snorkeling, so we booked it for the next day.

Ciera was on the hunt for a special purse that converts to a backpack and wanted a real leather one. We asked our waiter if he knew of a leather shop and he pointed us n the right direction. From their we ventured into town and found the leather shop called “Donkey” after looking through all their bags and explaining what Ciera was looking for he brought us a couple options and we couldn’t believe it, he had exactly what we were looking for! We negotiated price and gave each other high fives on the way out.

For the last part of the day, we came back to the hotel on foot, only a 10 minute walk from where we were, and relaxed. We took a quick dip in the pool and had the most delicious margaritas from the swim up bar!






We got a change of clothes on and went back into town for dinner. We found the first place open, La Taverna Gastro Bar, and decided to give it a try since we were tired and it looked decent. We ended up ordering tacos. Ciera had the Chicken tacos and I had my first fish of the trip. Deep fried fish tacos, which were to die for some of the best all trip! Completed with clintro sauce, all kinds of salsa and fixings like pico de gallo, and habanero salsa.





That completed our first full day in Cabo and gave us a good understanding of the area. Plus, we were stoked for our catamaran excursion we had booked for the next day!

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  • Love the journal of your “Luna de Meil/Honemoon”. Nice details and great pictures as well. We get the opportunity to vacation at Playa Grande with friends that have the penthouse (Paco’s Penthouse). It is a beautiful place and we too have danced in the pools. First time at Playa Grande we Skinny dipped in the pool, late at night and Of course this was after a nice dinner & alot of delicious margaritas. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures. Next time we go, we will have to try the restaurant you went to on the last night. The hour drive seemed worth it. Love you guys.

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