Honeymoon Day 1: Arrival at Cabo San Lucas

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Hello friends, we decided to log our Honeymoon journey so that we could remember what we did each day and to help others learn about things you can do in Cabo on vacation.

Business class like a boss with the peanuts.

Business class like a boss with the peanuts and Bloody Marys. Thanks Aunt Janie!

Snakes on a plane.

Snakes on a plane.

Our first day in Cabo we flew into San Jose Cabo Air Port around 5pm and after making it through customs, we were bombarded by time share offers. We heard most of them are scams! We were advised to walk past and ignore all offers. We did and once we made it across the street of the airport, we discovered a bar.

The view from the balcony.

The view from the balcony.

We had already booked a rental car and a complementary shuttle was to take us to the rental office. We decided to grab a celebratory drink since the shuttle wasn’t there yet. About seven minutes later the shuttle arrived and he let us on with our drinks, pretty cool. Then this is the crazy part, they let us rent the car while I had a margarita in my hand. lol. They rental car agent showed us a map and told us how to get to the hotel (Playa Grande Resort), a 45 minute drive.

We hopped in the car and realized it was an manual transmission, no biggie, but that was a surprise. We ended up taking a wrong turn and being only armed with a paper map we had to ask a local to help get us back on track. we made it to the hotel in about 70 minutes but hey, we made it safely.

The love shack

The love shack

The first night we decided to dine at the resort. We ordered all you can eat buffet and got stuffed on Chorizo, Beef, Pork, and all different kinds of Mexican Salads. We ate until we were happy and full. We also learned that dinning at the resort is way more expensive vs. going out into town. We decided that this would be one of our limited meals we would eat at the resort during our stay.

The resort does have some of the best tasting margaritas I’ve had in a long time and we will be working to get their recipe! That completes day one! ✈️

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